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Well, this is a touchy topic. At some point were all guilty of being two faced, and, if your'e not God Bless you! Smiling in someones face to get what you and turn and kick dust on them when your'e among others is just that. It's not a good thing nor is there justification for it. This is something else that people do: ask for the truth but can't handle the truth; then deem you as a liar because you wanted to spare their feelings. Next on the list is finding fault in everything a person does: you question their avoidance of you; why? Here's a doosie; you complain your life is a living hell but you sit in front of the screen, searching for a quick fix instead of fixing what you can of the situation. 
Uggghhh! I detest those conversations and scenarios! Like, ok, you heard the phrase "the dog that brings the bone, carries the bone"; be weary of people like that! If they're running to tell you someone else's business, their doing the same to you. That's also in the Bible. That's where a smile and a hello/goodbye rule steps in. And yes they're still going to talk about you because your'e being 'antisocial" (been there)! Good news! Pay back is around the corner; give the person to God.(He will get them, I promise and He will let you know)

Here comes the judge! Do you promise to the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? Yesssss! Well you asked for it and now I'm the devil! First of all the devil is a liar, he is known as the accuser, Second, you can preach the truth to others but wen you hear the truth about you and how your'e wrong, all hell is about to break loose! You can dish it but can't take it! People, please understand this scripture: Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be opened, for if you believe you have received it will be given" (Matthew 7:7 msg version). That applies to good and bad! Haven't you heard the saying "be careful what you ask for"?
The blamer. This also applies to another scripture: Do not judge, for what measure you use to judge someone God will use to judge you (Matthew 7:2). Make sure the smudge on your face is gone before telling someone to clean theirs. Please make sure you've dotted all I's and crossed all T's and if you feel like you can do it better; just do it. There's no need for finger pointing when you have 3 pointing back at you!

Drum roll please...... STOP COMPLAINING!!! Before you feel the urge to complain, stop, think of all your short comings, what have you done to change it? Why even let it bother you? At some point we have to realize that some people, places, and things will just not change and, your whining won't make it happen any faster! Let it go!!! Once again there is scripture for this too: "Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" (Matthew 6:27). No it can't, if it could we all would live to the age of 500! 

Whether you know it or not, all these occurrences affect your health! Talking about people makes your mouth long, complaining brings about body aches and headaches, worrying can cause wrinkles because your'e frowned up all the time! Smile! Take a breath! Thank God! Help those who hurt you, bless those who use you and let God deal with them so that you won't end up on blood pressure meds! 

I used to be the same way, but it took a lot of discipline and determination to overcome them! I was talked about, lied on, cursed out, blamed, walked on, used and abused but, when I let God take over, and I said " Lord I can't do this by myself! I surrender me and my problems and I give them ALL to You! I want back my joy, peace, and rest that You promised, and, I promise to give You my burdens" and from that day on I don't worry, I don't complain, and what I can't fix, God replaces or repairs! 

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