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I miss the old sayings! Like "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" and "ain't much to nothin". Makes you think huh? Well, I had a recent episode so to speak. My daughters are in the youth choir. Hasn't been one since I was a little girl and my grandmother was taking me to church. (Flashback) Moving on, they have to learn two songs by the 3rd Sunday in March. One of the songs is my favorite (didn't know why until now..), "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior". It is the response of scripture Matthew 11:10: See, I am sending My message ahead of You, who will prepare  Your way before You. (Shouting) Glory! It goes like this:
(1) Pass me not, O gentle Savior, Hear my humble cry, While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. "I'm calling" Savior, O Savior, Hear My Humble Cry! While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. (2) Let me at a throne of mercy, Find a sweet relief: Kneeling there in deep contrition, Help my unbelief. "I'm calling" Savior, O Savior.... (3) Trusting only in Thy merit, Would I seek Thy face, Heal my wounded, broken spirit, Save me by Thy Grace. "I'm calling" Savior, O Savior.....(4) Thou the Spring of all my comfort, More than life to me, Whom have I on earth beside Thee? 

When I was a little girl, and I would go the funerals of those who had lived through the post Emancipation Proclamation era, they would sing that song. I mean sing that song! Not with remorse, but peace. I never knew all those verses until recently. I only knew the hook and the first verse. I was usually shuffled out by my parents who didn't want me to see people crying. And to this day, If you cry, I'm going to cry.

This song is also an important piece of Black History that is no longer taught but is of the utmost importance. Singing was the release of trouble and burden during slavery. It also provided information on where to go and how to get there. Although the Bible was banned from being taught to Black people, they still gained access and they knew that it was a sweet relief. Here's something else people don't know: Every Person up until the New Testament was Black! After the first flood people ventured out from sea to sea. And its very well documented in the Old Testament, that's why the slaves couldn't read the Bible. The slave masters knew that it was a threat to them because Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Timothy, Matthew tells how a master is to treat his slave, and they knew that they would be destroyed by their slaves so in turn they oppressed them.

The song was written circa 1840, it was put into text by Fanny J. Crosby, 1820-1915, the tune was composed by William H. Doane, 1832-1915. 

Somebody saw hell on earth. Somebody saw a lot of grief, pain and harsh punishment. Somebody was hurt and saw death as true peace. Somebody also blamed themselves for what they were going through, but, they had that reassurance that it was a Better Place somewhere over the river. They were ready to Cross the River Jordan. When you have time, go some place by yourself and think about this song. Think about the verses. Think about the lyrics. If you start crying like I did, its OK! Your'e doing your soul a big favor, your'e cleansing it. Your'e releasing that sorrow that's there. Your'e giving it rest. Its finding Sweet Relief.

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